Your secure financial future is a serious matter. How do you choose the right financial planning specialists who are invested in your financial success as you are? At Kingston Private Wealth, we think the best people to tell you about what we offer are our clients. Here’s what a few of our clients have to say.

Retirees, Mr & Mrs Ungar, wanted to make the most of their retirement and live out their dreams of travelling without having to worry about focussing on life’s tedious but necessary daily administrative tasks. 

Mr & Mrs Ungar turned to their trusted financial services team - Vawdrey Axton Turner, and our Private Client Service, as a personal financial management service to manage their daily personal financial affairs, including share portfolios, banking, bill payment, investments and even their mail.    

 Trusting us with the management of such personal financial affairs and administration is not a responsibility we take lightly and Mr Ungar describes his relationship with Vawdrey Axton Turner and how the services works for him -   

 “I have trusted a wide range of Business and Personal accounting and financial services to Vawdrey Axton Turner for many, many years now. 

Today, they provide us with their “Private Client” service, a total and complete Personal Financial Management service. They manage our day-to-day business and personal financial requirements and provide us with financial counselling. These services allow us to maximise our freedom and live retired life to its fullest. 

 My long-term experience of working with Vawdrey Axton Turner has always been excellent. They constantly go the extra yard and nothing is ever too much trouble. I have 100% trust in the team at Vawdrey Axton Turner, and no matter who I deal with, they are professional, competent and act with the highest integrity.  

 I have recommended Vawdrey Axton Turner to family, friends and business associates.  And I continue to highly recommend them for  their professionalism, competence and integrity”