Financial Planning

Strong financial health secures your future business and lifestyle. Yet so often the financial landscape can seem complex and challenging. Kingston Private Wealth makes it simple. Our financial planning experts offer clear and concise advice tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our advice is ongoing, so even after we have held our first ‘fact- finding’ meeting with you and delivered a tailored financial plan on this basis then helped you implement this – we stay with you. 


Life changes so your financial plan needs to stay flexible. We regularly review your goals and objectives to make sure these are still aligned to your financial plan. If your goals change, we adjust your financial plan to match. That way we ensure our advice is always relevant to you and your situation as it stands at any given time. But your total Kingston Private Wealth solution delivers more than just advice. We also develop tailored comprehensive strategies that deliver additional income streams outside your business or employment earnings. All this propels you towards your secure future and desired retirement.


Ask us about financial options including:

  • Retirement and investment advice

  • Portfolio management and valuation

  • Superannuation and rollover funds

  • Self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF)

  • Allocated pensions

  • Investment strategies.


We can also provide a range of investment options, including:

  • Australian and international shares

  • Property

  • Corporate bonds

  • Term deposits

  • Managed investment funds.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a time that many anticipate with relish. After all, retirement means you will have the time and freedom to enjoy more of what you love in life. Yet retirement is also a transition as you enter true financial independence. Retirement planning ensures that retirement does not mean relinquishment of your current standard of living. Rather, you will have the financial security to take full advantage of the lifestyle opportunities retirement presents. Kingston Private Wealth specialise in helping you financially prepare for retirement no matter how distant or close you may be from making this lifestyle transition.

We believe that retirement planning must be:

·      Flexible enough to roll with the changes life brings that can require a shift of your financial focus, and

·      Enduring enough to literally last you a lifetime.

Our retirement planning experts focus on helping you achieve long-term wealth creation through smart investment. We ensure your investment structure achieves top tax efficiency while being wholly aligned with your individual goals and risk tolerance.

Retirement planning also encompasses accessing any Centrelink entitlements and thorough cash management to keep your financials in top health.

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Superannuation is one of your most crucial assets – one that plays a central role in enabling you to enjoy a secure retirement that maintains your desired lifestyle. Building that dream retirement begins right now. Kingston Financial Services is your proven partner in maximising your superannuation to achieve your desired future income levels.

We take a 360° view of your superannuation, which means we look at every aspect of your super plus all related factors like your personal risk tolerance, investments and regular income requirements. This way you can work your superannuation according to a clear financial road map that leads to the retirement you want.

Likely you have heard of a Self-Management Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Many sing the praises of an SMSF. After all, this superannuation solution gives you greater control, access to more assets and investment options plus enhanced flexibility. But running an SMSF can be complex and it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Kingston Financial Services helps you pinpoint whether you and an SMSF are a good fit. We also help you in managing and administering your SMSF to keep you on the road to your desired retirement.

Investment Advice

Financial goals are unique to every individual, and we tailor our investment advice to match. You will not find any ‘get rich quick’ schemes at Kingston Financial Services. Nor will you find conveyer-belt investment advice where one size fits all. Rather you can expect to get an individualised investment solution that surely yet steadily grows your wealth and protects your assets.

Investment of any sort can be complex and choice-saturated. How do you pin-point which investment options are best suited to your specific goals and situation? We simplify the investment landscape for you thanks to our unique investment implementation analysis.

First, we understand your business and personal goals then we analyse your current financial structures. Now we can ensure that your investment strategy is aligned to your short and long-term financial needs and objectives. Next, we compare investment options and analyse trade-offs before making our recommendations.

Your investments are made with your money to secure your financial future. That’s why we do not stop at simply making recommendations. We explain all the benefits and potential risks of each investment option, so you stay in full control of your investment decision-making every step of the way.

Why leave your future to chance or weather unnecessary risk exposure? Kingston Financial Services craft a clear financial road map that keeps your finances and investments in tip-top health to work their hardest for you and lead to your secure future and desired retirement. 


Risk Mitigation

Building your wealth is not a standalone factor in achieving financial security. You must also protect your financial health and wealth. In doing so, you protect your family and loved ones as well. Life can throw many curveballs that would impact you, your loved ones and your financial security. These could include:

  • Your sudden inability to work and earn income due to health reasons

  • Unforeseen major medical costs like rehabilitation or nursing care

  • Passing away, ensuring the other partner can pay off the mortgage and financially care for children.


How much easier would you breathe knowing that, no matter what happens, your family and your bills will be taken care of? Kingston Financial Services understands how important that peace of mind is – and we help you achieve it. We offer personally tailored advice to help you get the right protection and insurance cover in place to offset any risks to your financial security. Our experienced advisors will talk you through the various types and levels of insurance that are available to you. Going even further than that, we help you make an informed decision about what risk cover solutions are right for you and your family. Speak with us about:

  • Life insurance 

  • Total and permanent disability 

  • Trauma/recovery cover 

  • Income protection 

  • Business expenses cover.