Superannuation is one of your most crucial assets – one that plays a central role in enabling you to enjoy a secure retirement that maintains your desired lifestyle. Building that dream retirement begins right now. Kingston Financial Services is your proven partner in maximising your superannuation to achieve your desired future income levels.

We take a 360° view of your superannuation, which means we look at every aspect of your super plus all related factors like your personal risk tolerance, investments and regular income requirements. This way you can work your superannuation according to a clear financial road map that leads to the retirement you want.

Likely you have heard of a Self-Management Superannuation Fund (SMSF). Many sing the praises of an SMSF. After all, this superannuation solution gives you greater control, access to more assets and investment options plus enhanced flexibility. But running an SMSF can be complex and it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Kingston Financial Services helps you pinpoint whether you and an SMSF are a good fit. We also help you in managing and administering your SMSF to keep you on the road to your desired retirement.